Christmas Challenge

Back in May 2022, Greenpeace encouraged us to record all the packaging we threw away over a period of a week. Almost a quarter of a million people took part and recorded nearly 6,500,000 items.

The Strandliners challenge…

We are asking you to record all the packaging you dispose of as a family over the Christmas week – from 24th to 31st December (whatever the material) and tell whether it was thrown away, recycled, or kept for reuse, and send the results to Strandliners. This includes food and household packaging, gift wrapping and so on. We are asking all our subscribers to do this as well. 

There is no blame attached to this survey. All the results will be completely anonymous – we are just curious about how much extra waste we all produce at Christmas and may repeat the activity in summer to see what the difference is. We will join in too, and can’t wait to see the results.

How do I record my results?

You can just make a note with pencil and paper, keeping a tally on a daily basis, or you can use a simple spreadsheet, like the one here (with a few examples). Then at the end of the week, email your results to us.

How do I know what can be recycled in my area?

Check your local council for details. In Rother, for example, you can find the recycling page here.

How can I tell whether my Christmas wrapping paper can be recycled?

Foil or glittery paper can’t be recycled, so put it in the bin. As a rule of thumb, if you scrunch it up and it stays scrunched, then it can be recycled. Remove any bows, ribbons and as much sticky tape as possible. If it springs open again, it probably contains a plastic layer, so put it in the bin.

You can make a difference in the weeks leading up to Christmas by choosing to buy paper that can be recycled.