Links to surveys you can take part in

Marine Conservation Society – the Great British Beach Clean takes place in September each year, but surveys can be registered and the results uploaded at any time. You can find more information here.

Break Free From Plastic is a global organisation campaigning on a global scale to reduce plastic pollution through their annual Brand Audit, which takes place around September. They use the evidence to put pressure on the top polluters and are working hard to help bring about an inclusive Global Plastics Treaty. You can find out more here.

The Plasticblitz is going nationwide for the first time this year. Based on a bioblitz, volunteers will record all the plastic ‘species’ they find over the campaign. Strandliners is running three events along the River Rother (see our events page) or you can find more general information here.

The Preventing Plastic Pollution project with the Rivers Trust that we were part of has now ended, but their website has lots of ideas and activities, and you can see the results on their interactive map. You can find out more here.

Fidra is an environmental charity supporting sustainability and preventing pollution. They run many different projects including the Great Nurdle Hunt. You can see more here.

Greenpeace ran a Big Plastic Count, which recorded household waste. You can find out more and see the results here.

Surfers Against Sewage run various campaigns, many of which are focused on water pollution, as the name suggests. Details of their plastic pollution campaigns, including the Million Mile Beach Clean can be found here.

Or why not find a local environmental group, such as Strandliners, and see what they are doing. Our events can be found here.

Our data

We aim to be open and transparent with all our data, as we believe that it should be in the public domain in order to raise awareness of the issue of plastic pollution. You are welcome to use our data, but we ask that you give credit to Strandliners. The results of our surveys can be found by following the links here.

Bear in mind that this is citizen science. While we offer our volunteers training, and we all bring our knowledge and experience to the group, we cannot be experts in all the many different items of debris that are found on our shores and on our riverbanks.

Please note that this page is still under construction and will be regularly updated.

Marine Conservation Society


Preventing Plastic Pollution in the Rother – you can find out more and see a summary of our results here.

Preventing Plastic Pollution in the Ouse & Adur – you can find out more and see a summary of our results here.