Cleaner rivers, cleaner seas

Volunteers … just like you

Who We Are

Strandliners is a grassroots group of community volunteers based in East Sussex devoted to conserving the aqua and marine environments in and around Rye Bay through citizen science. Read more.

Breaking News

Strandliners snags PM’s Points of Light award. Read more.

Pick, sort, log, repeat

What We Do

Strandliners’ volunteer activities range geographically from Bexhill in the west to Dungeness in the east; from Pett Level and Camber Sands on Rye Bay, upriver to Brede and beyond. Our quarry? Plastic pollution. Our goal? To stop it at its source. Read more.

Citizen scientist trainees

What You Can Do

Sign up for Strandliners monthly e-letter for details of future beach-cleans and surveys. Become a citizen scientist by joining our Community Action Team programme. Write to your local MP. Read more.

In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the Earth.

rachel carson