Cleaner Rivers, Cleaner Seas

Pick, sort, record

What We Do

Strandliners’ volunteer activities range along the coast from the River Cuckmere in the west to Dungeness in the east; from Pett Level and Camber Sands on Rye Bay, up the River Rother to Brede and beyond.

We survey for plastic pollution through identification, and record the data for organisations including the Marine Conservation Society, Surfers Against Sewage and Break Free From Plastic. Read more.

River Rother at Rye

River Rother

Our big project for late September and early October is our Brand Audit survey from the River Rother. More details to follow.

Citizen science trainees

Why We Do It

If we want to stop plastic pollution, we need to know what it is and where it comes from. By creating a data-rich picture of environmental pollution, we can begin to put the steps in place to stop it. Beach cleans are great for awareness, though they are only a stop-gap.

Sign up for Strandliners newsletter for details of future beach-cleans and surveys. Become a citizen scientist by joining our Community Action Team programme. Read more

“The plastic crisis doesn’t start when plastics enter the ocean,

it starts when the oil & gas leave the wellhead,

and it keeps on being a problem every step of the way.” 

The Story of Plastic