Who we are

Founded in 2012 and incorporated in 2018 as a community interest company, Strandliners is an all-volunteer grassroots organisation based in East Sussex. In 2019, Strandliners’ local volunteers committed over 820 hours of their own time to the war on plastic. Strandliners’ dedicated teams, 8-10 in number at each event, have included: a geologist, a TV presenter, an architect, an engineer, a yoga teacher, mums, dads, their sons and daughters, and scores more of regular folk like you and me. Our common cause is to track the toxic waste we pick and sort to its source: domestic, agricultural, industrial, and commercial. We engage “polluters” as stakeholders not adversaries. It’s a cross-community effort. If we work together, we all have a better chance of turning back the plastic tide. 

Andy Dinsdale

Executive Director

Strandliners’ Executive Director, Andy Dinsdale (pictured), has been leading riverbank- and beach-cleans since 2004 and regularly represents the organisation at national and international marine conservation conferences. He shares governance responsibilities with co-directors Dominic Manning, Amanda Snowdon, and Sandy Spencer.

Email me: strandlinerscic@gmail.com

Our funders

STRANDLINERS CIC receives generous support from Rother District Council, Rye Town Council, Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm, Sea-Changers, The Rye Fund, Jempson’s, Break Free From Plastic US, Sussex Community Foundation and individual donors like you. Thank you for your help.

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