Young Strandliners

Strandliners is a local not-for-profit environmental organisation.

We will…
Discover the stories our coastal wildlife can tell us,
Become citizen scientists,
Learn how our actions impact the environment,
Enjoy wild beach activities.

We can campaign for a better environment.

Our free sessions will be at various sites in Hastings & Rother. Sessions will generally be on Saturday mornings. Timings may have to be flexible to work with tides and events, but the following are dates we are offering, including two events that this group could be part of.

Sat 23rd September 10am (Low water around 11:13)
This will be a MCS beach survey & clean up with the Beach Club @10am
Young Strandliners will see how an OSPAR survey works

Young Strandliners are welcome to join us at Camber on
Friday 27th October at 2.30 pm for our Nurdle Hunt.

Saturday 18th November
Ocean Symposium in Bexhill – all day UNA event
See the event on Eventbrite here.

Saturday 25th November 10am (High water around 09:15) – postponed
This seems to be a difficult date for many people, so we will postpone physical meet-ups until the New Year. In the meantime, we will continue to send out the Young Strandliners newsletter to keep in touch and with activities to discover more about microplastics.
If any young person has a thought, idea or anything they’d like to share, please email.

Topics may include…
Plastic pollution 
Microplastic (nurdles & more)
Citizen science surveys
Seaweed search – climate change & biodiversity indicators
Shark, skate & ray egg case identification & recording
Plastic polymers
A guide to environmental organisations
Black light investigation
Beachcombing (trash & treasure)
Coastline biodiversity (Bioblitz)
Creating local change
And more when we get together and discuss…

Email for more info.