Due to the ongoing risks from COVID-19, all Strandliners outdoor events and physical gatherings have been postponed until December, assuming lockdown is lifted.

However, with the easing of restrictions, we were able to start going out over the summer…

Our long-planned clean and survey project behind the Fairlight Berm went ahead in August/September, in partnership with the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat.
Read more.

We have recently been working on the River Rother, surveying and identifying the rubbish collected for a Brand Audit. Read more.

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Recent/ongoing events

Click here to find out more about clearing behind the Fairlight berm

Click here to find out more about our River Rother surveys

Click here to find out more about what we have been doing at Dungeness.

Some of our other events can be seen below.

Survey at Pett Level

CAT training

If you missed our screening of ‘The Story of Plastic’, you can see the trailers here. We hope to host another screening soon.

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