What we do

Pick, sort, log, repeat. Pick, sort, log, repeat. Our goal? To stop plastic pollution at its source: single-use plastics, wet wipes, helium balloons, cotton-bud sticks, fishing gear; all the usual suspects. Even wash-ashores like HP ink-cartridges and US lobster-pot tags. Microplastics, bio-beads, feedstock plastic nurdles? Prime targets. Volunteers pick and sort the debris they collect; log it by type, source, and brand; then upload their findings to collaborators like the Marine Conservation Society and Surfers Against Sewage. If we know what it is, we have a better chance of knowing where it came from. To scale up the local effort, Strandliners CIC has launched a Community Action Team programme to train volunteers as citizen scientists and team-lead volunteers in their local communities to join the fight.

Events cancelled

Due to the ongoing and heightened risks from COVID-19, all Strandliners events have been cancelled until further notice. Please make sure you have signed up for our regular e-letters so we can keep you updated. Sign up here.

Cleaner rivers, cleaner seas

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