Wallowbird Film Project

How did we come to this?

A year ago, Strandliners started working with a film crew on a project that has become known as Wallowbird, a short documentary film examining plastic pollution in the UK.  The Strandliners River Rother clean-up and brand audit was only a very small part of this film, but we are pleased to be able to tell the story.

Lost or discarded waste washed up in the River Rother strandline.

The River Rother in East Sussex is a tidal river with saltmarsh and grassy upper banks. With stormy weather coinciding with spring high tides much mismanaged waste is stranded along with much organic material from upstream.

Wildlife are at home here.
Small groups of volunteers steadily collected everything manmade from the strandline.
Heavy loads wheeled back and then dropped off at a local industrial unit.