What you can do

Sign up for Strandliners monthly e-letter for details of upcoming beach-cleans and surveys you, your friends, and family can join. Become a citizen scientist through our free Community Action Team programme. Write to your local MP: Sally-Ann Hart (Con), Hastings and Rye, or Huw Merriman (Con), Bexhill and Battle. Urge them to press for immediate parliamentary action on a long-promised deposit return scheme. Urge them to re-consider UK commercial ties with the largest producers of crude oil (the base ingredient of all plastics): the US and Saudi Arabia.

Here’s what they need to know: In 2019 the UK dumped 19,000 tonnes of plastic tyre-dust, 2,900 tonnes of microfibres from synthetic clothing, 1.3 billion plastic cotton-bud sticks, and 53 billion nurdles (minute pre-production plastic pellets) into our inland and marine waters.

Tell them we don’t need plastics. Tell them we don’t want them in our environment.

Plastics are choking our planet because we still use them – every single day. We need to stop – right now! 

Sally-Ann Hart

MP for Hastings & Rye

Email: sallyann.hart.mp@parliament.uk

Huw Merriman

MP for Bexhill and Battle

Email: huw.merriman.mp@parliament.uk

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