Winter 2020/21

Membership of Strandliners

Becoming a member of Strandliners gives you an exciting opportunity to join with other volunteers doing something about the increasing level of plastic pollution that harms wildlife and mars our beautiful beaches and river banks.

More than 60 people have now signed up as members, taking advantage of benefits such as our quarterly online magazine, The Fulmar (see below), early-bird sign ups to the Winter Workshops and other events and activities – which will resume as soon as C-19 restrictions are eased. (Eligibility for online training plus a members’ portal on our website with exclusive access to information.)

Additionally, by joining you will help raise funds to develop our area of work and the events Strandliners holds, monitoring and recording plastic pollution in our communities.

We’d love to have you on board! Please click the link below for more information (or click here)
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Comments about The Fulmar first edition, 
“Excellent publication!”
“Thank you for the informative and high quality newsletter”
“A fascinating read!”
“Thank you for the Magazine, it looks fantastic, and it’s easy to read”

Future events

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there were no Strandliners events held in January. We will be assessing the situation at the beginning of February and again in March – and if events can go ahead, here’s what’s happening.

Please email to show which events you would like yo join and we will add your name to the list, ready for when dates are released. (If more than one event, please prioritise as the groups may be small).
Dungeness MCS survey – February/March/April
Jury’s Gap MCS survey – March/April
Camber Sands – micro plastic survey – February/March
River Rother plastic pollution audit – March/April
Fairlight Cove clear up and survey – April/May
Cuckmere – micro plastic survey – April/May

Media Resources

Webinars & online events – past and future:
Natural History Museum – Bye Bye Plastic – Melati Wijsen (Bye bye plastic bags – Bali, Mandy Barker – marine debris photographer, Alex Bond – NHM). Strandliners members, subscribers & volunteers have contributed to Mandy Barker’s images with beachcombed items from the Beachy Head to Dungeness beaches.
Limnoplast – Moving from Sources to Solutions for Microplastics 
Wed, February 10, 2021, 17:00 – 18:30 GMT
Marine Conservation Society – a ‘Seagrass Special’ webinar in conjunction with World Wetlands Day, February 2nd, 2021, 18:30 GMT