Three Rivers Project

Strandliners are working in collaboration with Rother District and Rye Town Councillors, Rother Environmental Group, WI groups and local experts in an exciting new project.

The Three Rivers’ Project will raise awareness about local waterways, bring communities together and find solutions to improve our environment. By banding together, we can make a difference!

What is the project about?

River Rother at Rye (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

The project will give local communities a voice, leading them to have a greater say in their lives and their health. It will also focus on social connectedness, leading to healthier and more connected communities.

Spoonbill at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve (Image: Sussex Wildlife Trust)


Many groups are involved in one way or another along our rivers. A new, intergenerational project is being launched, based around the rivers Rother, Brede and Tillingham, with the aims of: 

  • bringing communities upstream and downstream together as well as existing river users
  • improving our relationship with the local environment through increased awareness
  • promoting health and well-being.

Please scan the QR code to fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous, but if you choose to leave your name and email, we will contact you with more information about local events).


  • Many groups are involved in one way or another along our rivers. We are hoping that this project will connect the groups to give them a louder and stronger voice
  • We want to bring communities upstream and downstream together as well as existing river users
  • Ownership of environmental awareness, catchment-wide
  • This should be an intergenerational project.

How will we achieve this?

  • Build on ways we can be involved as a community in looking after the health of our rivers and grow friendships and knowledge tighter.
  • Carry out surveys to monitor the health of our waterways, identify pollution found, record and analyse data.
  • Test for water quality – analyse through citizen science and focus through more formalised lab tests
  • Create water health images of the river catchment area
  • Carry our local consultation – staring with Community Action Team course early in 2024 run by Strandliners
  • Carry out ‘brand audits’ in March 2024
  • Improve our community relationship with the local environment and environmental stakeholders.
  • Hold indoor and on-site training sessions for our newly engaged communities to upskill & increase knowledge & experience.
  • Promote Health & Wellbeing – walks, surveys participation in various engagement activities.
Testing for nitrates in the water (Image: Freshwater Habitats Trust)

Monitoring success

  • Consultation at the beginning of the project
  • Evaluation during events, etc
  • Monthly newsletters for events, training, what to look out for, etc
  • Video project with local schools/groups/organisations
  • Social media group for all involved.

If you think you might be interested in taking part, please leave your details with us and we will contact you when we have further information about dates etc.