Marine Conservation Society Surveys

In September 2021, we carried out 5 surveys for the Marine Conservation Society as part of their Great British Beach Clean campaign.


Dungeness (Lydd Ranges), 18th September

This is a wonderful beach to survey, as the absence of beach visitors gives a more prelatic picture of what is washed or blown in. We identified and removed 325 items from our 100m stretch, weighing 12kg. 85.5% of the items were plastic. You can read the full report below.


Hastings (Rock-a-Nore), 24th September

This was a Clean Seas Please event. Our  21 volunteers found 520 pieces of manmade pollution in our 100m stretch, lost accidentally or deliberately by human intervention! The full report can be seen below.

Pett Level

Pett Level 25th, September

31 volunteers found 228 pieces in our 100m stretch. 59% of this was plastic, a relatively low percentage, following the trend of beach visitors picking up larger pieces such as plastic bottles.

Going through the rubbish

Winchelsea Beach, 25th September

30 volunteers joined in. We found, in 100m…
265 pieces
65% plastic
35 pieces of tissue paper the highest recorded item.


Bexhill (Galley Hill), 26th September

This was another Clean Seas Please event.
Our 20+ volunteers found, picked up, sorted, identified and recorded 295 items in our 100m survey area, 69% of which were plastic.
The shocking ‘highlight’ was 20 separate dog poos from just this small stretch!
Dog owners beware – some of these showed ingested plastic – do be aware of what your dog is picking up.