April/May 2021

Future Events

With the COVID-19 guidelines changing we are beginning to organise events. There may still be changes as we need to continually assess the situation, but here is what is planned so far. 

Fairlight Cove / Pett Level
Please email strandlinersevents@gmail.com to show which events you would like to join and we will add your name to the list. We will only be small groups of 6 so we may have to ration how many we can all join in.

Fairlight Cove/Pett Level – plastic survey & clear up.
30 to 45 minute walk (each way) around the headland with a 2 hour clear up.  
Saturday 1st May 9am-12noon
Sunday 2nd May 9am-12noon
Monday 3rd May 9am – 12noon
Tuesday 4th May 10.30am-1.30pm
Thursday 6th May 1.30pm-4.30pm
Friday 7th May 3pm-6pm
Saturday 8th May 3pm-6.30pm
Sunday 9th May – Strandliners stand at Pett Level and helping the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat unload the bagged rubbish. 9am-2pm (we can split this session if needed)

Other events

Dungeness or Jury’s Gap (to be confirmed by the MOD)
MCS survey Saturday 29th May 9am-12noon
Please email strandlinersevents@gmail.com

Micro plastic survey Saturday 12th June 9am-12noon
Please email strandlinersevents@gmail.com

Past events

River Rother Brand Audit – April 2021
Strandliners volunteers have completed the largest project to date, a brand audit of the mismanaged waste from the banks of the River Rother between the railway bridge and the Harbourmaster’s Yard.

The first stage comprised 9 sessions of clearing out all the non-natural rubbish (leaving the wood for the strandline invertebrates as it is a fragile habitat), and taking it all to an industrial unit at Rye Harbour. In total over 750kg was removed.

The second stage involved 6 sessions to sort, identify and record what this pollution really was. Dedicated volunteers took hours separating this horrendous mountain of anthropogenic detritus into household products, fishing gear, food packaging, personal care, smoking materials and packing materials.

Followed by a secondary sorting into individual types of material (PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, other).

And finally recording the number of each item, before uploading this data to Break Free From Plastic.

Watch this space for full details…

Bottles From

This is an important campaign to record
drinks bottles & cans found in our environment. Easy for all to participate.

Please help Strandliners lobby for the deposit return scheme

One of our “Bottles From” campaign posters

Next time anyone is out on the beach, along a river bank, in a park and sees a discarded drinks bottle or can, make a note and send the info to bottlesfrom@gmail.com with the subject title

Bottles from… (insert town, village, park, beach or river)These can then either be recycled or put straight into a bin.
If there’s time, send a photo too.

Strandliners will collate all the bottles found in the environment and send the info to the Government to help support the Deposit Return Scheme being discussed in the Environment Bill later this year (as well as adding to the MCS’s wildbottlesighting database).

What information is needed?
Material – how many plastic, glass or metal?
Size – how many small (under 750ml), large (750ml or over)? 
Brand – how many, if any?

We are primarily focusing on the East Sussex and Kent coastlines and river catchments but the more records the better. Local data can inform of local polluting issues.

Please send all information to bottlesfrom@strandliners

The spring edition of The Fulmar

Becoming a member of Strandliners gives you an exciting opportunity to join with other volunteers doing something about the increasing level of plastic pollution in our environment that harms wildlife. Additionally, by joining you will help raise funds to develop our area of work and the events Strandliners holds, monitoring and recording plastic pollution in our communities.

Benefits also include our quarterly online magazine, The Fulmar, monthly raffle for a seabean and more too!).

We’d love to have you on board! Please click the button below for more information.
Comments about The Fulmar first edition, 
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